As of April 29, 2024 - Fire Permits Required for ALL Fires.


As of April 29, 2024 Fire Permits are required for ALL fires.

This includes:


• Open Fires (brush burning). **Note: A responsible adult MUST attend to the fire at

  ALL times and be equipped with adequate tools and sufficient water**

• Burning may only occure from 8:00pm to 8:00am.

• Pile of materials much be less and 2m (6ft) high and 2m (6ft) in diameter.

  minimum of 2m (6ft) from flammable materials

• Burning in an open area (grass) shall be restricted to less than 0.5ha (1.25 acres)  

  and the length of the flames shall be less than 30M (100ft)

• Burning is restricted in winds higher than 10km/hr.