Boozhoo, nindinawemaaganagtok!
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located on the north shore of lake huron

We are a beautiful community whose name means 'two points joining'.Also known as the Three Fires Peoples, the community members of Sagamok number well over 2000.

chief & council

Sagamok has a long history of solid leadership and good governance. The Chief and Council believe in the importance of being accountable, transparent, and responsible to its membership.

Programs & services

The Quality Management Strategy is a long term plan to streamline the administrative processes between seven departments consisting of over 250 employees. Sagamok is the First Aboriginal Community in Ontario and the second in Canada to achieve registration to the recognized standard for quality, ISO 9001. Certificate of Registration.


Sagamok has been home to the Anishnawbek since time immemorial.  The many lakes provided an abundance of fish and birds, the forests material for lodgings, canoes, and medicine, the rivers carried our people in all directions faster than the fleetest of feet.  When the French arrived in the 17th century, Sagamok became home to the Lacloche trading posts.

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