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All of the services offered by the Mental Health and Addiction team aim to increase hope, purpose, belonging and connection among community members.

Mental Health and Addiction

Our Vision

The Mental Health and Addiction team strives to be a safe and welcoming place where individuals, couples, families, and groups can access counselling/treatment, resources, referrals, advocacy, and any other supports or services that will enhance their wellbeing. We hope to become a Hub of Opportunity for the community!

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The Mental Health and Addiction team works out of three locations: the Community Wellness Department, Biidaaban School, and Saswin. We promote health, culture, wellness, purpose, and community.

We believe that an individuals path to wellness is theirs alone. However, we are honoured to walk with those who allow us to be a part of their journey. We believe in each individual’s strengths, talents, resources, and resiliency, and we will work to enhance each of those in the individuals we are privileged to work with.

All of the services offered by the Mental Health and Addiction team are voluntary and aim to increase hope, purpose, belonging and connection among community members.

Help us improve our services

At the MHA department, we’re always looking for ways to improve our services and source out the needs of our community. We value feedback from those accessing our services and we’d appreciate it if you would take this quick survey regarding your experience and wishes for future services and programming.
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How the MHA Team honours the 7 Grandfather Teachings:

Nibwaakwaawin: To cherish knowledge is to know wisdom. Wisdom is given by Creator to be used for the good of our people.
Zaagi’idiwin: To know peace is to know love that is unconditional. When people are weak they need love the most.
Minaadendamowin: To honour all of creation is to have respect. You need to give respect if you want to be respected.
Aakode’ewin: Bravery is to face a foe with integrity, having a fearless heart.
Gwayakwaadiziwin: Facing a situation with honesty is to be brave. You should always be honest with your words and actions. Be honest with yourself first and you will be more easily able to be honest with others.
Dabaadendiziwin: Humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of creation. We’re all different from each other, but not better than any others; we are all equally a part of creation.
Debwewin: Truth is to know all these things. Seek the truth, speak the truth and don’t deceive yourself or others.
Shelley Watt Proulx

Shelley Watt Proulx

Director of Mental Health and Addictions

Shelley Watt Proulx joined Sagamok Anishnawbek late in 2022 as the Director of Mental Health and Addiction. Shelley has more than 25 years of experience in the field of mental health and addiction treatment, and holds a Master's degree of Social Work. She began her career with the Elliot Lake Family Life Centre as a youth addiction counsellor and has also worked with youth in custody facilities and Children’s Mental Health before taking on the Executive Director position at the Counselling Centre of East Algoma. Shelley, despite being in management, was adamant about retaining her clinical expertise, and carried a small client load throughout her time with the Counselling Centre. She is keen to expand on the numerous areas where the Mental Health and Addiction team at Sagamok excels, by building up services that are both easily accessible and of the highest quality. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please get in touch with Shelley as she is extremely willing to listen and learn from the community!

Meet The Team

Administrative Supports

Yvonne Abitong
Julie Toulouse

Mino Clinic Nurses

Lindsay Kutschke
Desiree Rheault
Landee Kokoko

Counsellors and Wellness Supports

Somer-Rai Nighswander
(On Leave)
Darlene McNaughton
Allison Owl
Raven Hammond
Wayne Southwind 
Brad Polson
Bernadette Southwind
Candace Mandamin
Shawnda Toulouse
Jennifer Lalonde
Marie Toulouse