Message from The Chief’s Desk - November 2023

November 1, 2023

Message From the Chief's Desk:

As of yesterday afternoon, all of the documentation requirements on the part of the Robinson Huron First Nations is complete. Canada and Ontario are currently engaged in their approval processes. The parties hope to be able to sign the Settlement Agreement by the end of November or Early December.

Sagamok will soon commence the follow-up discussions from the summer session. These sessions will enable community discussions regarding the compensation, including the apportionment of the compensation that Sagamok will receive for per capita distribution and collective community use purposes.

It is premature to provide information about the potential amount that Sagamok will receive as its portion of the 10 billion, the work regarding population and annuity numbers is still on-going. Such work is being done at the community level and in discussions with the federal government regarding confirmation of registration and membership statistics.

More information should be available soon regarding the convening of community engagements and advance distribution of the information to be included in those discussions.


Ogimaa Angus Toulouse
Ajijaak Dodem