Sagamonians Join Country-Wide Indigenous Calls to Kill Bill C-53

September 21, 2023

Sagamok members attended a September 20 rally on Parliament Hill hostedby the Chiefs of Ontario telling the Crown government to put an end to federallegislation on Metis Self-Government Recognition, known as Bill C-53.

Canada claims Bill C-53 won't affect First Nations rights. Canada saysthat the Metis Nation of Ontario (MNO) should be able to claim IndigenousRights.

First Nations say that there are illegitimate Metis communitiesrepresented by the MNO that have no historical basis and do not meet the legalthreshold to be recognized as indigenous rights holders.

First Nations say that assigning section 35 rights to illegitimateIndigenous groups dilutes the legitimacy of all Indigenous peoples' rights.

“It is essential that Bill C-53 be withdrawn to protect our inherentrights as First Nations people for now and future generations to come. We seekunity amongst all First Nations across Turtle Island”

- shared statement by CatherineEshkakogan, Jennifer Eshkakogan, Piper Lee Southwind, Mildred Toulouse andEleanor Toulouse, also pictured (left)

Sagamok Anishnawbek NEWS BRIEF Posted September 21, 2023